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ExitGuide Focuses On The Best Path For You

When it comes to enlisting help to exit your business it is important to understand what motivates those you engage. Is their success tied to a particular outcome? Are you getting information and input to make a decision that is best for you and your business or aligned with their business model?

ExitGuide is focused on the process of making an informed decision, preparing for an exit and connecting to resources to support your decision. Whether you are selling your business to a 3rd party or need to wind down and dissolve your business, we are with you every step of the way.

ExitGuide Helps You Understand Your Options

ExitGuide’s free assessment is a brief questionnaire and asks for estimated financial information. We use this information to give owners a sense of what their business could be worth. It is not a valuation, it is a starting point to making a decision about what option may be right for you and your business. Your assessment provides a summary of various options available to you so you can determine what path is best for you and your business.

ExitGuides Help You Prepare

Exiting your business is stressful. The process requires gathering information and documents for a potential buyer, lawyer or CPA. It can be a hassle. ExitGuide makes it easy by providing a secure data room for financial information, business documents and anything else related to your exit. All in one place, securely stored.

ExitGuide uses your actual financial information to perform a business valuation and we provide a tool for owners to see how changes in revenue and one time expenses can impact the valuation.

ExitGuide Connects You To Affordable Resources

When it comes to implementing your exit plan, having a resource with the right expertise is essential. ExitGuide can connect you to an attorney with experience in partnership buyouts, creating an employee stock ownership plan, dissolution or other experts in tax or finance to support you through the process. This is done virtually, saving you time and money.


Transitioning out of your own business can be confusing and emotional. You have invested a lot into your business and taking steps to exit is not easy, in fact, most owners have never been through the process. You do not have to “figure it out” on your own. ExitGuide helps owners from start to finish by answering basic questions about the process, helping you develop a plan specific to your circumstances and then connecting you with expert resources to guide you to a successful outcome.

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